A cornerstone of corporate innovation

Businesses, companies and professionals face increasingly shorter change cycles, also as a result of the trend towards a digital model. The growing stream of information about Customers and their needs makes possible the offering of customized services and products, anticipating the opportunities through the analysis of available information, an increasing trend in 2014 and beyond.


This change also has an impact in the marketing and communications strategies to be adopted, since the expectation of current and potential customers is that, when contacting the company, the information provided circulates internally to all the relevant stakeholders of the customer, with no further need to provide contact information in every interaction, something still far from reality in most organizations. If a customer has made a contact in one of the company’s channels, that information should reach the sales and marketing teams, ensuring the customer has the best possible experience when interacting with the organization.


For communication teams, this new reality implies a greater proactivity and closeness to the business to ensure the efficacy of the messages and communication initiatives that have been put in place, especially when the communication has been developed for channels with very short latency, such as is the case of social networks, in which the response has to be provided in a short time span. Be it a corporate communication from the Company, be it a specific product and services communication, these should be customized to the communication channels available to the Customer. The communication paradigm has had profound changes, and currently customers expect the company to meet them on their grounds, not the other way around.


Communications must then be developed to achieve creativity and anticipation, with knowledge of the company’s business that allow to propose solutions and ideas that integrate on the other initiatives being developed within the organization. At BloomCast we are ready to respond to your communication challenges. Come meet us.