"We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run" Roy Amara


This sentence clearly shows the impact that digital technologies have in the development of businesses. Digital channels have created a new space, one of direct and unfiltered interaction between organization and their stakeholders that was nonexistent before. The corporate reaction to this new reality has been either or quick entrance and participation or of quickly dismissing and ignoring this new communication space. The organizations that have quickly embarked on this new trend have quickly identified the issue of coordination with other existing communications channels as well as on the communication timing and how to manage this just-established new channel, on in which the expectations for a quick response is now of paramount relevance. This need for a quick turnaround time on the communications, typical of digital channels, has sometimes led to situations in which the information was not matched with the existing one on the most traditional channels, be they sites, brochures or customer service.


On the other hand, the organizations which have chosen to dismiss or postpone a decision on this new channels have quickly realized that not being present was not the same as not being mentioned. What they could not do was to present their own perspective and, with the growth on professional networks such as Linkedin, to their growing dismissal as it has become a hub for looking at company information. And this is just the tip of the iceberg on digital, which could also include ecommerce, currently seen as a commodity (who hasn’t bought anything at Amazon, for instance), of mobility and new forms of interaction in the new mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, in which a growing percentage of information search is already performed, which create the need for new, responsive, digital properties.


Digital has profoundly changed our life in a fundamental way, and will continue to do so evermore, and organizations must adapt to this new reality. In order to do so, a strategy shift is fundamental, one in which marketing professionals will have to coordinate initiatives that integrate digital channels from start as part of their communication mix, with information adapted to each channel for maximum impact. And one in which monitoring and regular assessment of the efficacy of the ongoing initiatives becomes mandatory.



For all these reasons, and because we believe in the need for constant evolution, we have refreshed our site and have launched our Linkedin presence. Because we want to grow together and by providing best-of-breed services to our Customers. Be a part of our journey.