Communicating the business


At times of market downturn, a common reaction seen is to look at the parts of the company considered non-critical for the organization’s survival in order to reduce osts and optimize the operational structure. The prioritity is to ensure the business continuity, which means that the Communication and Marketing Mangers should also pay a special attention to the activities that they develop, to ensure their alignment with the organization commercial goals. The common option for most organizations to start the budget and staff costs in these areas, amongst ther, has an obvious reason – they are not the Sales Team – as well as historic roots related with their growth inside the organization, since more often than not they live siloed from the business operations side and usually there are no effective internal systems that make an effective correlation etween marketing activities and business benefits.


At a time when there is a growing pressure on short term results, as it is currently the case, the priority is, increasingly, to propose initiatives that have measurable benefits for the business, and that are closely articulated with its goals. In order to do so, it is paramount to have a deep understanding of the business, but also to work closely with those who deal daily with the Customers, to better nderstand their needs. With this renewed emphasis, the Communication initiatives proposed can be transformed from an extra task to be taken care of when there is more time, and that are often seen as a distraction, to be perceived as an advantage in the work that is being one with the Customers. Communication becomes an ally, a needed complement to reinforce the commercial process and that should be infused in it. Its benefits are bigger awareness of the organization, credibility and Customer connection, among other issues that are paramount when selecting a supplier.


This collaboration should be developed in two fronts – on one end, evaluation of the business stakeholders relevant to the decision and, on the other end, identification with the business managers of their existing needs. In this way, it is possible to identify, select, and deploy a set a relevant initiatives on the short-to-long term, showcasing the close alignment with the field teams as well as the ability to understand and respond to business needs, the so-called Walk the Talk. This is one of the services that BloomCast offers its customers.


Because in the end, it is Business success that ensures an organization’s continuity.


Image: Target by Salvatore Vuonom,