1st WG meeting on SOPCOM’s Org and Institutional Comms


Aiming to discuss the issue of divergence or convergence between Organizational Communication and Public Relations, the 1st Meeting of the Work Group (WG) for SOPCOM’s Organizational and Institutional Communications will take place on next July 12th, in the acts’ room at the Social Sciences’ Institute (University of Minho, Braga).


This debate will be attended by academic from various institutions of higher education inPortugal, representing the study on these subject areas that may be scientifically observed under distinct perspectives.


The working agenda will open with Moisés de Lemos Martins, president of SOPCOM and director of CECS, followed by a panel under the theme of “The Organizational Communication and the Public Relations at issue: horizons and perspectives”, with the participation of José Viegas Soares, (ESCS), who will address “The Portuguese Case: an historical view”, and of Teresa Ruão, Paulo Salgado, Renata de Freitas and Paula Campos Ribeiro (all from University of Minho), João Figueira (University of Coimbra), José Gabriel Andrade (Catholic University), José Quintela (INP) and Mafalda Eiró-Gomes (ESCS).


Signing up for this event is limited to 30 people, free of charge, and is to be made with CECS secretariat (Ricardina Magalhães: