Quidgest, a Portuguese technology company and an expert on exclusive information systems for each organization, had a 36% revenue growth in 2013. 


In Portugal, in spite of the crisis context, Quidgest managed to grow 4% on new business, mainly driven by the increase in new software solutions aiming at obtaining cost reductions and efficiency improvements by Portuguese organizations.


International markets recorded a 97% growth on new clients compared to 2012. Mozambique, Angola and East-Timor where the markets that grew the most in 2013, as well as new projects in markets such as Nicaragua and Brazil.


Currently, Quidgest is officially present in 10 (different) markets by means of established local companies or partnerships.


To João Paulo Carvalho, Quidgest's Senior Partner, the excellent results of the company result from its internationalization strategy and ability to create exclusive solutions so as to attend to the Clients' needs: "through Genio platform, we have eliminated repetitive tasks  which add no value or can be performed by machines, and we concentrate on what allows our client to reduce costs, increase productivity, be more agile and succeed faster, thus reaching more markets and supplying excellent products and services", as explained by João Paulo Carvalho. Genio is the platform for automatic code generation developed by Quidgest which allows creating integrated management solutions, error free and in short time. "With Genio we make systems 10 times faster, using 10 times less resources and, specially, with 10 times more attention to the client", concludes.