Our motto

We are your communication partner. We identify the specific characteristics of each Customer's DNA and define the messages and approaches that make for a distinct and effective communication.

BloomCast is a Lisbon-based Communications Consultancy agency that ensures a quality service, developed by a highly qualified team that is competent, knowledgeable and experienced. We establish the connection between your business priorities and the communication strategy developed for all your stakeholders, throughout different communication channels. 


From strategy to communication, always by your side. 

What drives us

Challenges make us move. The capacity to understand your goals and turn them into effective communication actions drives our approach. We’re fueled by our desire to surprise and to integrate the team in each project and Client. 


Our goal is to go the distance and create new communication and interaction spaces between each organization and their audiences. 


We created a solid and talented team, capable of offering personalized services with excellency to each Costumer, so that their notoriety and reputation are boosted. 

What distinguishes us

Client focused

BloomCast’s number one priority is to establish a close partnership with its Customers, that allows for the definition of a personalized answer, in each situation.


BloomCast’s activity is ruled by high ethical standards, according to the principles in the Stockholm Code, something that adds value to its Customers, through a communication that focus on its priorities through the development of a strategy.


Establishing trust and close relationships its fundamental to the most effective communication. At BloomCast we operate in constant articulation with the Customer. 


The successful communication of our Customers results of a pursuit of excellence and a discipline culture. 


Community presence is one of BloomCast’s distinctive traits, contributing with knowledge and skills to establish connections that allow for the creation of a more inclusive, just and lasting society.