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Producing content for social media is more than building a simple text. Content marketing captures three times more leads than paid ads, so its essential to know the best tips for building relevant and organic content.

The idea of content marketing is increasingly present. 70% of marketeers invest in content marketing, 94% use social media to distribute it and 78% of organizations have teams composed of one to three content specialists for these specific situations.

However, professionals who create content for social media do not have to develop and implement strategies without any help since a good job in this field can also come from the use of online tools and software. There are several free and paid platforms (market analysis, social media management and analytics) that are an important complement when writing online content, since they not only improve the final result but also reduce the time spent on eventual changes, providing the possibility ofa better use forthat time.

The importance of market analysis to create content for social media

Before starting to develop content for social media and publishing it, it is essential to carry out a market analysis, in order to understand if the content produced and what you are thinking of producing is in the interest of the company’s target audience. In this way, there are several tools that can be interesting to understand, in greater depth, the research and information consumption trends, namely:

  • Google trends is a free search trend tool from google. Through this tool it is possible to perceive, in real time, what information people are looking for. This search can be done using four parameters: location, date, category and type of search. Based on these categories, the platform is extremely useful for marketeers, since it allows determining a point in time where research related to the company is most common, giving the possibility of creating an extra effort in communication campaigns for these times.
  • Answer the public, one of the best tools to define ideas for content you already have in hand. Although the free version has a limit on the number of searches (two per day), it is still an excellent tool to understand what is being researched about a certain keyword because the platform presents the main results related to “are”, “to what”, “why”, “who” and “how” of the selected keyword (for example: “What are B2B businesses?” being the keyword “B2B”).
  • Ubersuggest is a tool, mostly free, that allows you to intuitively analyse the market, keywords and search volumes. This tool allows you find out how many times, for example, a website is searched and in what locations. It is an excellent way to understand which strategies work, adopt and improve them, thus gaining an advantage.

How to manage social networks?

In addition to market analysis tools, social media management tools also play a key role in the success of the online campaign,since they  allow that the manual publication of content directly on the platforms to be optional. In other words, there are very effective tools that help in scheduling publications, videos or even stories, and through them we are able to suggest ideal times and days for publication. However, we must always keep in mind that scheduling publications does not damage the organic reach, but on the contrary, it may even enhance it, such as:

  • Swonkie is a very complete social media management tool, since, in addition to creating and scheduling publications for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, it also has a platform for influencers. Additionally, it allows you to respond to messages on Instagram and Facebook, as well as the creation of very complete reports. To use this platform, a monthly or annual payment is required, but it is one of the most complete for social media management.
  • Socialbakers, one of the most used platforms worldwide, helps to build a better relationship with costumers and analyse the company’s position in relation to the segment’s market. Like Swonkie, Socialbakers also allows you to schedule publications and create reports on other companies in the same segment, evaluating the positive and negative points of the social media campaign in question. The platform has the option of a 14-day free trial, after which access is subjected to a monthly payment.

Data Analysis

It is crucial that companies are able to extract information and insights about how their target audience perceives or interprets your brand, which are the products or services that they most appreciate and even a comparison to the competition, but for that, it is important that they incorporate data analysis tools for social media.

In this sense, Analytics has several advantages. But first, it’s necessary to define what objectives you want to achieve with obtaining this data – for example, if you want to get feedback on a particular service, to boost public opinion about the company, among others.

  • Facebook allows you to use Facebook analytics. This tool is quite complete and allows you to analyse the profile of the target audience and how it behaves on social networks and responds to each type of post published.
  • Instagram also includes its own analytics that allow it to segment the audience of the page, in several aspects. Through analytics it is possible to monitor interactions and reach, as well as the performance of publications, stories and promotions. Although not as complete a tool as Facebook Analytics it is a great way to follow the activity of the Instagram
  • Youtube has a very complete analytics tool, Youtube Studio, which allows you to obtain data such as the number of unique views and global appreciation of the content. And it is a completely free tool.

Despite all these tools, it is important to always bear in mind that the success of content marketing is not only based on these tools. Like most of the digital innovations that are emerging in the world, these tools help and speed up the work to develop, but they do not do everything. There needs to be commitment, ideas and team unity to build the best possible social media content, attracting new customers in order to obtain the best results.

To learn more consult our Social Media Guide, which is part of the BloomCast Content Series, a document developed by BloomCast Consulting with the aim of providing useful and easily actionable information to define the communication line that should be used in the company’s social media. In it you can find the best practices for managing the various social media accounts, as well as some relevant statistics and facts in relation to the format of each one.

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