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DPO Consulting is a company based in Lisbon led by the Portuguese lawyer Elsa Veloso, providing consultancy services focused on Privacy, Data Protection, and Information Security.

Regardingthe exposure of personal data of activists by the Lisbon City Council to the Russian Embassy, ​​it was necessary to act immediately to position DPO Consulting as a leading consultant on this issue and create media opportunities.

DPO Consulting is working with BloomCast since 2017.



To position DPO Consulting as a leading specialized consultant, as well as increase its reputation through the “Russiagate”

Timing is everything and it was the main reason for our success.

First, it was essential to identify and analyze the whole situation, taking into consideration different approaches to various media outlets (TV, radio, newspapers). Then, we presented Elsa Veloso, CEO, and founder of DPO Consulting, as an expert in the areas of Privacy, Data Protection, and Information Security.

To consolidate our proposal, it was important to prepare a briefing with Elsa Veloso’s resumé and a presentation of DPO Consulting’s services and expertise.


DPO na sic



OUR PROPOSAL/resposta:


  • Media relations strategy
  • One-to-one communication with specific media outlets
  • Different media outlets contacted (Diversificação de OCS)
  • Build and strengthen the relationship with local reporters

The approach was based on One-on-one communication with specific media outlets and reporters, through tailored-made proposals for interviews and comments focused on the issue. In each proposal, we have highlighted the lawyer’s view on the case: the exposure of personal data was in “total” non-compliance with the current law.


DPO_dinheiro vivo



The partnership developed between BloomCast and DPO Consulting resulted in several interviews and comments of Elsa Veloso, in different media outlets and formats.





“This project was the result of a collaboration based on mutual trust, but also on the rigour, dynamism and speed that the subject required. The ability to produce relevant content in a timely manner was essential to the success of this project which also, from a technical point of view, was quite demanding regarding Privacy, Data Protection and Information Security. The cooperation between BloomCast and DPO Consulting was essential to achieve the final results”. – Refers Elsa Veloso, CEO of DPO Consulting

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