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OrCam Technologies is an Israeli-based company leader in artificial intelligence assistance solutions and provider of two products for blind and visually impaired people – OrCam MyEye and OrCam Read.

The company has been strengthening its presence in the Portuguese market, creating a solid network of partnerships, and communicating consistently and coherently, through impactful key messages.

OrCam Technologies is working with BloomCast since October 2019.



To increase the awareness and recognition of OrCam products in the Portuguese market, positioning the company as a reference in innovation, assistance technology, and health sectors.

To achieve it, it is necessary to manage delicate subjects, such as disability, blindness, dyslexia, and education, communicating the products directly and indirectly through these main areas. The biggest challenge is to create messages that mirror the difficulties faced by people with visual impairment, and how OrCam solutions can help every day in various contexts, from workplaces to the education system.

Additionally, it is critical to build connections and deliver key messages to a wide range of target audiences – people with low vision, their relatives, healthcare workers, organizations, or the public in general. As the vision assistance solutions market is overloaded, the key is highlighting how innovative OrCam Technologies is.

The company also wants to work with brand ambassadors and influencers, at the national and international levels, as well as promote the digital and youthful side of the brand.

BloomCast is managing all OrCam Technologies partnerships in Portugal, especially with educational institutions.




  • Media relations strategy
  • One-to-one communication with specific media outlets
  • Build and strengthen the relationship with local reporters
  • Partnerships with educational institutions
  • Proposals and managing influencers and brand ambassadors’ activities


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OrCam - Exame informática Bloomcast



The approach that has been chosen is based on the communication of product launches, awards, and stories from users and brand ambassadors. Fabio Rodriguez, Country Manager for Portugal and Spain, is frequently contributing with op-eds and interviews to present the expertise and know-how of OrCam Technologies in different formats.


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In September 2020, the brand announced a partnership with football legend Lionel Messi to raise awareness on visual assistance technology solutions, making them more accessible. The campaign is also focused on the challenges faced by blind or visually impaired people.

OrCam Technologies will take Messi to meet dozens of blind people around the world, to make their dreams come true. They will meet with the football ace and receive an OrCam MyEye. Although there are no Portuguese users, the story of a Brazilian had a great impact on the Portuguese media.


OrCam - Observador bloomcast


To strengthen the Portuguese identity of the brand, extensive cooperation has been carried out with partners in the education field (National Library of Portugal, Maria Amália Vaz de Carvalho School, Lisbon, the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria) and the low vision sector (SERTEC, Ataraxia).

On World Book Day (April 23, 2021), all the partners worked together with BloomCast on an awareness action about the reading challenges faced by people with low vision. A Youtube video of this collaboration was shared on OrCam Technologies’ social media platforms.

Orcam dia mundial do livro


“When we entered the Portuguese market in 2019,we realized we needed a partner for two crucial topics: helping us grow our brand awareness and increase the knowledge of the Portuguese population about the challenges visually impaired people faced. BloomCast has proven to be a fantastic partner as in a matter of months we started to see results with top tier media publications that allowed us to position ourselves as the best innovators in the industry. Our strong position and sales in the country are certainly a combination of many factors but we at OrCam are aware that BloomCast has been a key contributor” – says Fabio Rodríguez, Country Manager for Portugal and Spain of OrCam Technologies.


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