BloomCast is the owning authority of this website but it only collects and keeps the following information about its users:

-The domain name of its server and the IP address that gives it access to the network. This way we can elaborate statistics regarding the website visitors. This information allows us to know what are the most searched areas and, consequently, improve its contents, to best serve our users;

-The access hour to this website, that allows us to know the hours with most influx, and adjust accordingly to avoid problems with server overload;

-The origin online website from where the user ended up in our landing page. With this data we can further know how effective the banners and pointers aimed at our server work, favoring the most effective ones;

-The data that’s filled in forms in this website, that is collected in databases.

BloomCast reserves the right to analyze and utilize the collected information to optimize the contents and personalize the services that are offered, as well as give other services that the registered users can benefit from. BloomCast assumes that the data introduced in our website to be true. The contact data made available by BloomCast must be used exclusively to ask questions or give information related to the website. If BloomCast contacts are wrongfully utilized, in a deceitful way, or to send unsolicited content, BloomCast can pursue the responsible legally.

1. Cookie use

Cookie use is a recurring practice in most websites with the goal of saving time to the user, making its navigation easier. Some website pages can utilize cookies, small information file that are transfered to the user computer and that allow the website to remember preferences, dates and paths. These files are used to avoid the user inserting data repeteadly, improve navigation and service personalization.

The user may accept or eliminate cookies. Most browsers or navigation apps accept cookies automatically. The user can alter his browser definitions to accept or not cookies.

2. Personal data protection 

BloomCast is concerned with the safety and confidentiality of our users and clients data. The submission of personal data is always done through a safe connection. The data given by the users are stored in a database built for the effect and are not utilized for any end other that the one mentioned by BloomCast, under any circumstances. Personal data is computer handled, according to the Portuguese national legislation on the matter. In the terms of this law, visitors, users and clients of this website may, at any point in time use their right to access, rectify and cancel their data, communicating in written form, to the contacts displayed on the website.

3. Connection to other websites

This website can contain connections to other websites, on which BloomCast has no control nor its responsible for its content. The inclusion of connections to other websites its done uniquely, with informative reference and no kind of opinion regarding the content, services, products and ownership. BloomCast has the right to demand the removal of any less appropriate connection. The content of the website cannot be totally or partially integrated in any other website without explicit permission by BloomCast.

4. Changes to the privacy policy

BloomCast has the right to, at any given time, change or alter the current “Privacy Policy”, and these alterations must be displayed in this website.