Como criar conteúdo Relevante
Oct 26,2020

How to create Relevant Content?

What is content? Is it all relevant? Content, in fact, encompasses all forms of creating information on a given topic

Feeling the force: new world, new channels, new consumer
Oct 19,2020

Feeling the force: new world, new channels

The upheavals of 2020 have led to some fresh consumer habits and the revival of some more traditional ones. Communicators

O que são conteúdos relevantes? relevant content
Sep 28,2020

What is relevant content?

Currently, content and its importance for business is a theme increasingly addressed. But not all content is in fact relevant

Guide for creating content
Sep 14,2020

E-book: Content, a catalyst for your business

A content (E-Book) is a vague concept that can be materialized in various formats and interpreted in different ways but

Podcast or Webinar
Aug 11,2020

Podcast or Webinar: Choose the Format that works best for your business

What is a Podcast or a Webinar? At a time when digital content has gained more prominence, it is essential

Rodolfo Oliveira Managing Partner da BloomCast Consulting e o setor tecnológico
Aug 4,2020

The technological sector and the new frontiers of communication

Moments of transformation are moments of redefinition. Tried and trueapproaches are of little relevance, as are face-to-face sessions, and digitalization

Content for Social Media
Jul 17,2020

Social Media Content Creation Tools

Producing content for social media is more than building a simple text. Content marketing captures three times more leads than

Podcasts, essencial para a comunicação
Jul 13,2020

E-book: Podcasts, the new way to communicate at a distance

Podcasts (E-book) are audio content, made available through a file, which allows the listener to hear when, where and on

TikTok the case of a pandemic success
Jul 1,2020

TikTok, the real Success story during a Pandemic

TikTok is a Social Network that first appeared in September 2016, though, at the time, it was still mostly unknown

Social Media Ebook
Jun 16,2020

E-book: social media, a crucial element for organizations

The presence of a company in Social Media (E-book) has the main purpose of positioning it with an audience that

Crisis management in times of COVID-19
May 12,2020

Crisis management in times of COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is a reminder that much of what happens to us in life is beyond our control. The

Aug 14,2019

BloomCast presents new vision of consumer behaviour trends with TrendWatching

A new year means new and surprising ideas. Because we believe that communication is, increasingly, a central pillar for any