A new year means new and surprising ideas. Because we believe that communication is, increasingly, a central pillar for any brand, we try to regularly find new opportunities to rethink traditional standards and to bring our clients and partners the best insights.  We had the possibility to introduce something first-hand, a unique and disruptive vision of TrendWatching, a company that works with the identification of consumer trends in several sectors, with a network made up of more than one thousand spotters, distributed throughout more than 50 countries.

At BloomCast we believe these insights and unique visions to be essential to innovation processes, allowing us to create products and services that anticipate and answer to consumers’ needs. With them, we can develop faster communication strategies, more efficient communication plans and create more effective content that’s targeted at the desired audiences.

In this sense, the partnership with TrendWatching was established with the goal of knowing what global trends are occurring and what is the impact they may have. As examples we bring three trends identified by Henry Mason, TrendWatching’s Managing Director, at the presentation we did at the end of January, in Lisbon.

A-Commerce: with Artificial Intelligence becoming ever so more important in the market, its only natural that it is regarded as one the best solutions of services to the final customer, allowing, for example, a totally automated retail experience (some cases were mentioned such as Revolut, with their automatic trip insurance or Alibaba’s partnership with Ford and their automatic car vending machines).

M-Commerce: or Magic Point of Sale it’s a new way to provide new possibilities of personalized client services through technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) or Social Video (an example of this is TaoBao’s idea of having “livestreamers” that promote clothing pieces live on social media).

Virtual Assistants: Even though we have heard a lot about Siris and Alexas already, there’s still a huge amount to explore in this area, specially when it comes to health. Here there were given two examples: a virtual assistant that works keeping company to kids that are in hospital or a Samsung Robot (Bot Care) that specializes in managing and keeping in check the users physical health.

Technology is evolving in a way never before seen and, daily we see countless new ideas that promise to revolutionize the way we live and interact with each other, which also implies a new way of establishing connections between organizations, consumers and citizens. In this way, it is important to always be in the front line when it comes to knowledge and retaining as much information as possible. This is the only way we can provide the best possible service to our customers.

Get to know us and challenge us.

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