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Avila Spaces, a business center located in Lisbon and profusely distinguished in innovation in the flexible workspaces market, created the WORK SAFE initiative, a set of measures to guarantee the protection of customers in their return to their shared workspaces. In this context, it adopted seven security measures that are already being applied by international hotel and aviation companies and that can serve as an example or other national companies. These measures are:

  1. Check-in Safety: upon arriving at Avila Spaces, a temperature test (optional) will be carried out and customers will be asked to disinfect their hands with alcohol. If necessary, a protective mask will also be provided. Each client will need to bring a paper placemat to use on their worktables, to avoid contact with surfaced. In the end, this placemat will be put in recycling.
  2. Distance and protection of desks: the tables in the business lounge area and individual desks in the coworking area have an acrylic partition that separates the workplaces, to maintain the recommended distance.
  3. Hygiene protocol: a protective mask should be used in the space and in the common areas there are several alcohol dispensers to clean your hands when entering and leaving Avila Spaces. The cleaning of all surfaces will be enhanced and there will be dedicated employees for this procedure.
  4. Air renovation: meetings in the Avila Spaces terrace will be privileged; the cleaning and maintenance of the AC will be done more regularly. Priority will also be given to opening windows to circulate the air in the business lounge area.
  5. Meeting rooms: meeting rooms will have a reduced capacity to guarantee the distance between users, being immediately cleaned and disinfected as soon as a meeting ends.
  6. Commons spaces: the Avila Spaces reception will be protected by an acrylic wall and the circulation in the business lounge is regulated with arrows, to guarantee the distance.
  7. Cup: the cutlery is placed in disposable paper bags and the garbage will be closed and placed in the proper containers with greater regularity by the Avila Spaces team.

Carlos Gonçalves, chief executive officer (CEO) of Avila Spaces, highlights the importance of this initiative noting: «At a time when a phased and controlled return to face-to-face work is beginning, companies need to start taking the necessary precautions and preparing the spaces for the new normal. At Avila Spaces, in addition to the implementation of indispensable security measures, we created the new position of Safety and Wellbeing Advisor, something we think is crucial for the task of returning to the office to be thought of in the most embracing and comprehensive way».

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