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Throughout these centuries of existence, the Ordem da Trindade has faced wars and pandemics, invasions and crisis, lived through different political regimes and performed different missions, always relevant to the city of Porto and its citizens” says Francisco Miranda Duarte, general director of this private, non-profit social solidarity institution.

It’s one of the oldest and most emblematic institutions in Oporto, which this year, 2020, when it celebrated its 265th anniversary, decided to proceed with a deep project to rehabilitate its infrastructure, increase capacity and improve the quality of the services that provides.

As Fate would have it, the works started at the beginning of a world pandemic: “They started on February 3rd and were expected to be completed by the end of May next year”, revealed an official source of the Ordem da Trindade to Negócios.

At stake is the rehabilitation of the entire rectangular block the institution occupies, located between the building of the Oporto Townhall and the Trindade metropolitan station.

The objective of the project is to rehabilitate the built complex of the Ordem da Trindade, with a particular focus on the profound remodeling of the hospital, providing it with better structural conditions and cutting-edge technical means, which allow it to increase the quality of the services provided and the capacity of response to citizens”, detailed the same responsible.

Its unit of continuous care “which is a reference unit of the National Network of Integrated Continuous Care (RNCCI) and the only one inserted in the municipality of Oporto”, will see its capacity increased by an additional 30 beds “making available to Oporto residents an innovative Convalescence Care Unite” to be allocated on floors 5, 6 and 7 of the North Wing, facing the Trindade Metro Station.

Sacred art with 265 years of history and digital solutions in the future museum

The Trindade Church, which is part of the institution’s block, will also undergo works of improvement and structural consolidation “and will integrate, together with a museum path to be defined and built, the future Museum of the Trindade Church”, revealed the same source to Negócios.

It will be a relevant cultural space for the city and for citizens in general, using digital technological solutions, but it will also include the extraordinary collection of sacred art with 265 years of history”, he stressed.

As a matter of fact, he summarized “all the facade covers and cloths will still be recovered, but also an impactful intervention in the rehabilitation of outdoor spaces, with an increased concern in terms of mobility and accessibility for citizens”.

The global value of the investment will be “greater than 10 million Euros”.

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